Tuesday, August 29, 2006

6 Things That Would Make the PSP Better

I've had my PSP for months now, and I really like it. I use it to take music and videos with me. I also check my e-mail from it once in a while. I really enjoy it but I think the PSP has much more potential and Sony could make it much better.

This is my list of things that I would like on the PSP and that I think would make it better:

  1. Camera

    Yes, I know Sony is going to release one later but I wonder when. I would like to have it soon because it would be great to use the PSP as a digital camera and maybe the game developers could add a feature on their games that would let you personalize the game with pictures. Also maybe another feature on games for facial recognition would be good.

  2. Video Chat

    With the release of the Camera comes the video chat. A free service that let's you chat with your friends and have a video conference on the PSP. It would be fun to be on another city and talk to your friends while actually seeing them all with the PSP.

  3. Keyboard

    This is one thing I've been praying for since I got the PSP. If you have surfed the web with your PSP you know how frustrating is to enter a long URL using the virtual keyboard, or enter your username and password. Actually, I think Logitech was going to release a keyboard but Sony didn't give them some information they needed. Maybe this means a keyboard from Sony. :)

  4. Instant Messaging

    It would also be nice to have IM clients for the PSP. Once a keyboard is out this could be very nice. This would also save the hassle of taking out your laptop, wait for it to boot, open the IM client, etc. Just turn on your PSP, fire the IM client, and start chatting.

  5. Skype

    I don't know if this would go on the Instant Messaging category but I gave it its own. If there was a skype client for the PSP you could use a microphone and use it as a phone to talk with your friends wirelessly.

  6. Games

    Yes, the PSP is mainly a gaming console, so it's logic for it to have good games... Now, there are some good games out right now but I still haven't found one that is a really good one. One that everyone wants to play and never gets boring.

So that's it with this list a made. If you have any opinions, comments, or items you want to add to the list, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks and keep visiting.